Friday, 3 May 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 3 May: Necessary

Well it's Friday again, so time for flashing. Flash Fiction Friday of course! A given picture and one hundred words, no more, no less, to get inspired.  Please show some love to the talented authors who take on this challenge. Comments always appreciated. This week my version is called Necessary. Enjoy


Grant gazed wistfully out to sea as he wandered barefoot and soulful along the shore. He had not planned to return so soon, but this trip was a necessary one. She loved to be here. He remembered the first time here as a boy with his mother. She had helped him get over his fear of the sea.

Grant looked down now, watching his toes sink into soft wet sand as swirling sea foam washed over his feet. He had released the ashes here an hour earlier in accordance with her wishes.

“I’ll miss you Mum, you’ll be happy here.”


  1. That's a nice remembrance of Grant for his mother. It is difficult to scatter ashes for a loved one. I'm glad he followed her wishes.

  2. Very poignant. A fitting goodgbye.

  3. Beautiful. My father wanted that and I have not been able to do it yet. It takes too much strength of character to say "Good-bye".

  4. Sad and bittersweet perfection. Well done, Naomi.

  5. So many sad flashes today but the picture demands it. Lovely writing Naomi, love this line, '...watching his toes sink into soft wet sand and swirling sea foam washed over his feet.'

  6. Sad and beautiful. He has such good memories he's taking with him, love that. This flash deserves a hug :)

  7. So deep and powerful. I loved how you worded this. Pulled at the heart. He will have this memory not just for the sadness of losing his mom, but of the memories they created at this spot. Awesome job.


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