Sunday, 5 May 2013

Saturday's After Dark Moments - 4 May: Pizza Boy

Today I join the group Saturday's After Dark Moments. Choosing a sexy picture every author is inspired to write flash fiction 100-500 words. My piece this week is called Pizza Boy.  Enjoy

Carla heard the doorbell ring, and then upon getting no reply the visitor went round and knocked on the back door.   She heard someone open it and call “Pizza!” After a minute, and no reply, the pizza boy stepped inside repeating the word in a louder singsong tone. The sound reverberated around the kitchen and along the hallway.

“Just leave it in the kitchen, and then come into the lounge. I have your payment,” Carla called to him.
 Without giving it a second thought the nineteen-year-old pizza boy, a regular in that area opened the lounge door and looked around. He was shocked to find Carla, semi naked, sprawled along and peeking wickedly around a chaise longue. Turning as if to go he said, “I shouldn’t be seeing you like this.”

“Aww don’t be silly, you’re a grown man and want your payment.” Carla beckoned to him with one hand while covering her plump naked breasts with the other. She stretched out her long legs, clad in black fishnet stockings and watching him move closer to her with a nervousness that was almost cute.  Carla began to purr like the cat that had the cream.

“What’s your name?” she whispered in a low husky voice, swinging her legs around shifting to a sitting position. She looked up at the lean six-foot young blonde man that stood before her.  “T...Tom,” he stammered. Gazing at her curvaceous body, he felt a stirring in his loins and quickly turned his head, embarrassed.

“Well Tom, I’m 30 and all woman. I have been watching you and like what I see. There is no need to be nervous with me. Sit down.” She patted a space on the chaise longue next to her and turned slightly toward Tom as he sat. Then she took one of his hands between her two and placed it on her naked breast. “There,” she smiled, “does that feel nice?”  

Her breast felt plump cool and extremely alluring under his hand and Tom mumbled something that Carla could not quite make out, and as if on autopilot, his fingers gently stroked her.

Carla leaned forward and pressed her full lips against Tom’s mouth, slipping her tongue between his lips, while simultaneously pushing her hand between his thighs and caressing his groin.

Tom’s cock sprang to life and began to harden under the circular movements of her expert fingers. Before long, the hard lump it had become was straining against the denim of his jeans. With a flick of the wrist, Carla whipped out his hard cock and wound her fingers around the shaft. With her other hand she pushed his fingers inside her panties. On discovering her wet warmth, she encouraged him to push his fingers inside her. Her hand quickened, rubbing up and down his shaft, she kissed harder and he groaned.

“Oh Tom,” she eventually whimpered as he continued to finger fuck her. “I want to show you my bedroom.”


  1. "Carla began to purr like a kitten"- that is a great line. I'll have to think of being a pizza boy deliverer. I'd like to read what Carla has in mind in her bedroom too. Your Moment was definitely enticing. There are so many lines that built the sexual excitement. Great job.

  2. smoking hot. What a great flash.

  3. Wow! Welcome to Saturday's AfterDark Moment Naomi. What an entry! Very vivid and I love the use of words there. You have developed something that left the readers wanting, and I hope to see you on here.

    Sorry I was long to answer, but I loved it!

  4. Red hot Naomi I loved it. Your description of his nervousness was spot on

  5. Best tip Tom ever received!!! Great flash, Naomi!!!

  6. Oh yes, Naomi, that really hits the spot. I love the pizza boy fantasy. The photo works perfectly and you play it to a tee. My nephew did a pizza run a couple of years back. I truly hope he had an experience something like this one - exactly as you described it.


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