Friday, 12 July 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 12 July: Maybe Tonight

It's Friday and time to flash. A group of awesome writers writing their version of 100 word, no more, no less, fiction inspired by a given picture. So I thank you for reading mine, please show the other writers some love. All comments appreciated.
This week mine is called Maybe Tonight Enjoy

Looking at the reflection in the mirror Morgan felt ugly. He was not expecting miracles, just an improved complexion with the disappearance of a nasty red zit.  

Morgan had taken the afternoon off work to get ready and look his best. The company very rarely arranged any night out for the whole firm so he wanted to look his best. He thought maybe tonight would be the night to get lucky with Pam from accounts.

He began washing his face hoping the mudpack had worked. After all, he knew his sister used them and she was never without a boyfriend.


  1. Nice one! Let's hope he gets his wish :-)

  2. I bet Morgan is noticed by the woman in accounting. Does a mudpack really work wonders? Maybe I should try it. Lol.


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