Friday, 5 July 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 5 July: Waiting

It's Friday again and time to flash. A given picture and one hundred words, no more, no less. A group of awesome writers write their version. This week mine is called Waiting. Enjoy
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Matt sat in the big red leather armchair and waited. Left slightly ajar, the gap between door and wall revealed his impatience. His drumming of his fingers on the arm and the tapping of his toes together with the occasional sigh could not make her appear any quicker. He worried about losing his reservations in an exclusive restaurant.

A middle- aged woman came in and spoke to him. “I apologise for the delay, however I think you’ll be pleased.”  Indicating toward the door, a tall woman with striking features sauntered in. “May I present Chloe, your escort for this evening.”


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