Friday, 13 September 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 13 September: The Appointment

It's Friday and that means time for a flasher. Flash fiction of 100 words precisely, inspired by a given picture. Please show some love to our awesome writers who take on the challenge. This week mine is called The Appointment  Enjoy

Patrick leaned back in the chair and sighed, wishing he hadn't agreed to this. His wife, however had accused him of going around like a bear with a sore head and he knew he had been overly judicious at the office. So much so to the point of his secretary making this appointment and insisting on him going.

Finally he agreed . Though he usually avoided the place like the plague. Yet sometimes he knew fear had to be faced head on. Suddenly a door opened and a woman indicated to him. “Mr Jones, the dentist will see you now.”


  1. lol I so wasn't expecting that! I love his secretary. XX

  2. LOL. I freaking hate the dentist. Love this, so cute Naomi.

  3. Naomi, you are brilliant! What an evil twist at the end, and what person alive DOESN'T act nonchalant when faced by the prospect of the dentist! Just loved it!!!:) xo

  4. Great flash Naomi and I know just how he feels. I hate the dentist as well :)

  5. I loved the twist at the end, great buildup. Great flash!!

  6. You got me! I thought he was going to a therapist for a cure to being a workaholic. I sympathize with him regretting to go to the dentist. Great twist and flash.


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