Friday, 25 October 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 25 October: The Ball

It's Friday again, so that means the perfect time for a flash. One hundred words precisely to inspire some awesome writers with a given picture. Please follow the link and show them some love. This week mine is called The Ball Enjoy.

Rosalind had spent hours readying herself for tonight. Desmond had left instructions how he wanted her to look and even provided her with the perfect gown for the Halloween masked ball.

She expected his arrival at any time, so Rosalind touched up her scarlet lipstick that made her skin look white and put a black lace scarf around her neck.

Suddenly she felt two strong hands take hold of her shoulders; with fingers digging into the red crushed velvet of her dress. She touched one hand reminding herself he was real. However, in the mirror there was only her reflection.


  1. Fabulous, yet again!! Your endings are getting more and more clever, you vamp! You get me every time. Love, love, loved it:) xo

  2. Loved this!! Wow!! Is she turned or will she be turned? Perfect place to go to a ball specially for Halloween. No one would suspect him of being a "real" vampire. Awesome flash! You have to keep going with this flash.

  3. Haha - love a bit of sexy vampire action around Halloween. Nice use of the photo, Naomi, and some rich storytelling.

  4. Well, I certainly didn't see that ending coming. Hmm, is he 'real'...? A vampire, a ghost or a figment of her over active imagination. Excellent.


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