Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 10 December: Class Act

It's Tuesday again so time for some tantalizing and teasing. A group of awesome writers have 200 words precisely and a self chosen picture to get inspired by. Please show some love by reading and commenting on some amazing work. This week I am ding something a little different. My contribution is called Class Act.

Life is precious, savour every waking day
Your trousers show your ankles
My socks don't even match
Yet we take pride in our appearances 
With hats covering any thin patch
Public wash rooms are where we get clean
A broken comb I drag through my hair
I wish your coat had more buttons
Though you say that you don't care.

It's the love that really matters
And we have so much to share
To be rich is loving each other
And knowing one another is there
We had to escape through the flames
That burned our old house down
Yet we managed to save our dignity
Though our other belongings were gone

It's just the two of us now
Yet together we manage to survive
With odd jobs buying our food
We try to stay alive
There is no regular home
No place to lay our head
So every night we search
To find a different bed

No money in our pockets
No need for finery and frills
Yet when we are pressed up close
That's when we remember our thrills
And we walk the streets together
Our lives in carrier bags packed
Still with true love for each other
Yes we're just one Class Act


  1. Your poetry is full of the tenderness of love when that is all that matters. So may images brig truth to their reality. It only takes another person who feels there maybe a time when they might have to live their last days like theirs. My gracious applause for you, Naomi for a wonderful tease.

  2. It is indeed, Naomi. Very touching and heartwarming. All of us are one small disaster away from sharing a bench with this same couple. I loved this and I cried. <3 xo

  3. Oh, I love it Naomi! I was seriously considering making my tease a poem today, and I'm so glad that you did. Wonderful and sweet and just perfect!

  4. That was just beautiful, Naomi :-)

  5. I love the adventure in your writing - I haven't dared take on poetry in years and admire those who do. A tender and heartbreaking story of love sustained in the most adverse of circumstances.


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