Thursday, 30 January 2014

Thursday Tasters - 30 January: Pool Games

It's Thursday again so that means time for a taste of some awesome writing. A group of writers allow you to sample a short excerpt of their wonderful writing. It may be from a completed work or WIP. So please show some love by following the link, reading and leaving a comment. This week my taster is a bit more from my WIP  Pool Games.   Enjoy

In this excerpt Melissa and her friend Fiona are in the back garden sitting on loungers having drinks and a catch up chat.

Out of the corner of her eye, Melissa saw her father appear. He was a tall distinguished looking man in his early fifties with tanned skin, brown eyes, a strong jawline. He was greying, both on head and chest. His arms looked strong and he was clean-shaven. Like a lot of men however what ruined the athletic appearance was the beginnings of a  paunch. 

He looked over with a beaming smile, trying to suck his stomach in at the same time. “Don’t mind me girls. I’m just going to take a swim.”

Melissa cringed when she saw the ridiculous gaudy red and green Hawaiian style swimming shorts he was wearing. She waved idly over at him and turned her attentions back to face Fiona.

Splash! Mr Wheeler dove into the pool and took a few strokes then came to a halt. He bobbed his head up out of the water and grinned."Hey Fiona. You should take a dip," he called over. "The water is lovely." He knew it was no good trying to persuade Melissa, seeing as she still had her fear of the water after a childhood incident.

"It seems like a good idea but I didn't bring a towel," she called back.
She rolled her eyes, and picked up her glass again while Melissa looked questioningly at her.

 Her father took up with his swim again, leaving Melissa saying, "Oh Fiona, you'd better watch out. I think my Dad has his eye on you. You know what he's like. He's a sucker for a pretty face."

Fiona laughed. "You really think so? Oh my, what do you think about that Sugar?"



  1. Melissa's dad must have his eye on Fiona. She knows. I love her response- "Oh my, what do you think about that Sugar?" I love his description, his athletic build ruined by his paunch.

  2. So playful! I was smiling as I read it.

  3. you have a great eye for detail although I'd be embarrassed if my dad hit on my friends. LOL. Melissa handled it well

  4. I love a playful, shy boy toy moving into the playpen with the Big Dogs. Watch she doesn't get outplayed and wind up bitten....Very suggestive and suacy. I see this going somewhere very grown-up. :) xo

  5. Love the description of her father lol

  6. This seems to hint at so much and I'm a little afraid to see what happens next! :D


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