Thursday, 27 March 2014

Thursday Tasters - 27 March: Beauty's Beast

It's Thursday and time for some awesome writers to give a short taster of their amazing work. It can be something from  a WIP or completed work. So please show some love by reading and leave commenting on their work. It helps and encourages each writer so much. This week's taster from me excerpt is another from my WIP Beauty's Beast which is A naughty fairytale Enjoy


Here Beauty is having dinner with the Beast

There was a large spread of food, and yet Rosie found it barely edible. She kept  thinking about if her Father was all right and could not enjoy it. Plus she could feel his eyes burning watching her, and  tried desperately not to look up.  Also he lacked good table manners which put her off. Therefore Rosie ate in silence and very little.

After the meal was over and plates taken away, he led her out and along a corridor to the rear of the building where there was a locked room. Pausing here, he ran his hand along her shoulders making goose pimples rise on the back of Rosie’s neck and an ice cold shiver run down her spine. For some inexplicable reason she also felt a tingle between her thighs.

The ugly stern look had returned to his face He almost growled as he spoke to her. “This is important Rosie. While you are here you must always do as I say and always call me Master, for that is who I am. That way you will keep me happy. Oh and one other thing. Nobody is allowed in here without me. You will be good, won’t you Rosie?”

The question felt like more of a challenge to Rosie, who nodded, wondering if he was trying to strike fear in her. Yet she could not help but admire his arrogance, even if his tones were abrupt. She watched him open the door with a large brass key, wondering why the secrecy.

She was also surprised at what she saw. The room was dimly lit and the windows were small  To one side stood a large brass bed, and elsewhere there stood a desk like table with drawers and two chairs. 

In a corner on the floor, with legs crossed and head on her knees, a woman sat silent, as if waiting for something.


  1. Oh my goodness, you had to stop there! :) Loved it.

  2. I am suggesting a few corrections to typos in the following phrases.
    "Pausing here, 'the' ran his hand..."- 'the' should be' he'. " There was 'dimly'..." 'dimly' should be dim

    You're Beauty's Beast is a true adult version for Beauty and the Beast." I like how she can't possibly eat the food due to his beastly preferences and his requirement to refer to him as Master. You have introduced a new character with the woman sitting on the floor. I can only imagine what the Master has in store. You have captured the flavor of the original tale with his manners, his beasdgt-like character, and the furnishings in the bedromm but you have introduced the room she must never enter alone. You are creating a fabulous fairy tale designed for adults. Good work.

  3. Oh great ending hook- its definitely there....
    Love the idea that she has to call him Master. :)

  4. Intriguing! This is a very effective hook and I will definitely love to read more.... Please :D

  5. Master, huh? Interesting, and who is the woman in the locked room? I'm very intrigued.

    1. Aha! That's the hook. Glad you were intrigued

  6. You always seem to leave me thirsty....I cant wait for the next installment. ...


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