Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thursday Tasters - 3 April: Beauty's Beast

It's Thursday and time for some awesome writers to give a short taster of their amazing work. It can be something from  a WIP or completed work. So please show some love by reading and leave commenting on their work. It helps and encourages each writer so much. This week's taster from me excerpt is another from my WIP Beauty's Beast which is A naughty fairytale Enjoy


Rosie is blindfolded

With denial of her sight, Rosie’s other senses went into overdrive, and though she felt it was wrong, longed for more touches from him. She trembled as his hands reached inside the dress, travelling up and touching her breasts; circling the nipples through her bra until they peaked into a sensitiveness that made Rosie squeal a little.

“This is what you desire Rosie. Deny it if you dare.” His deep tones were breathed into her neck and the words ran down her spine setting every nerve ending on fire.

“Oh Master, you know what I need,” she replied meekly. Thrills were running through her and she felt weak  Her needs were strong and she took a step backwards in order to touch his body.

“Patience, my Beauty, all in good time.” He eased the dress off her body and it swished into a heap at her ankles. “Step out, Beauty, for that is what I shall call you.”

After she stood out of the dress kicked it to one side. Then, turning her round to face him remarked, “Mm, definitely a Beauty.” He placed a hand on Rosie’s back,  drawing her closer to him and she felt the arousal in his breath on her face as he closed in, cocking to one side and planted a  soft kiss on her lips. Simultaneously he slipped the fingers of his other hand between her sheer stockinged thighs while his own arousal pressed through his trousers against her hips.

“Oh yes,” she moaned softly against him, resting her head against his broad shoulder. 

“I like that you are wet already," he whispered approvingly. Moving his fingers back and forth, slowly, against the cloth of her thin panties, coaxing more moisture from the dark wet warmth within Rosie that she felt only too happy to exude. He also massaged her pussy lips driving her into a semi frenzy; quivering before him.

Before long, her crotch became sopping wet and Rosie could hardly catch her breath. “Mercy, Master,” she pleaded.


  1. The Beast definitely has her within his grip. Alas, he has named her Beauty. I may have missed something, but did she lose her eyesight because she is blindfolded? In any case that is a nice touch. All in all, sizzling scene.

  2. Mercy, indeed!! I am glad you are dishing this up in short doses. I don't think I could read more than a morsel at a ti me or I would explode. Beautiful!! xo

  3. Awesome taster. A beautiful way to star my saturday...well done.

  4. Well, good morning to you too. ;)

  5. 'Mercy'? Unlikely, I would have thought. The 'Beauty/Beast' story is ripe for erotic exploitation and you're doing a fine job here, Naomi. Your excitement is palpable in the prose.

  6. The blindfold is a great touch, heightening our senses. Very well written and exciting, titillating scene. Thanks!

  7. I absolutely love the title of this WIP - Beauty's Beast. Just the title alone conjures up all kinds of naughty images and your yummy Thursday Taster doesn't disappoint. Loved it ;-)


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