Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday Tasters - 6 March: Extra Lessons

It's Thursday and time for some awesome writers to give a short taster of their amazing work. It can be a WIP or completed work. So please show some love and leave a comment on their work. It helps and encourages each writer. This week my excerpt is from the WIP called Extra Lessons. Enjoy

Kyla, a university student who has just seen her room mate off on a train goes into town. When the rain starts she goes into a cafe, and buys coffee and some chocolate. She sits with some other students, not realizing that one of them, Ricky, fancies her with a passion.

Ricky had never been this close to her before.‭ ‬Sure,‭ ‬he’d sat near Kyla in study class,‭ ‬all those times when he had a book strategically placed on his lap in order to hide a raging hard on,‭ ‬just like he had now.
Ricky’s finger brushed Kyla’s cheek as his mind wandered back to the times when he dreamed of being with her.‭ ‬He thought how when he was alone in his room,‭ ‬he would let his feelings out,‭ ‬with stretched sculpted body out naked on the sheet,‭ ‬while he slowly stroked his rigid cock.‭ 

Suddenly he realized Kyla was looking at him in a strange fashion.‭ ‬She spoke to him but he did not comprehend at first.

‭ “‬Hey there dreamer‭ …” ‬she finally got through.‭ “‬Put your hand down.‭”
Ricky laughed as he put his hand down.‭ “‬Sorry,‭ ‬I was lost in a world of my own.‭” 

“You sure were.‭” ‬Kyla picked up her cup again and drank the remaining coffee.‭ ‬She suddenly noticed Ricky’s friends had gone.‭ “‬Your friends never said goodbye.‭”

“Ha,‭ ‬they can be like that sometimes.‭ ‬I will catch up with them another time.‭ ‬I’m keeping you company for now.‭” ‬At least that was what Ricky was kidding himself.

Kyla idly picked up the chocolate as she watched pearls of rain trickle down the windowpanes.‭ ‬Suddenly,‭ ‬she felt a flutter in her stomach.‭ ‬Standing outside,‭ ‬sheltering under the canopy was Professor Cordon.‭ ‬Kyla had missed seeing him on campus and attending his study groups.‭ ‬Her mind went back to an afternoon in April,‭ ‬when she had stayed behind after class for the unexpected lesson.‭ 

He paused now,‭ ‬outside,‭ ‬obviously waiting for the rain to pass and Kyla’s gaze never left him.‭ ‬Her eyes glazed over as she watched,‭ ‬going into a dream.‭ ‬She never put the chocolate down but continued to suck.‭ ‬Her fingers went around it just as she had held his hardness.‭ ‬The bar went in and out of her mouth slowly,‭ ‬as though she was giving the Professor a blow job,‭ ‬feeling the hard fleshy ridges of his cock,‭ ‬rubbing against the inner walls of her mouth.‭ ‬All traces of the lipstick had disappeared as melted chocolate dribbled over her bottom lip and down her chin.‭  


  1. I think its funny they are day dreaming but he is of her and she is the professor. Lived the book over the hard on. LOL

  2. Very well written, but I feel a little sorry for Kyle. Wonder what he's thinking when the chocolate melts during her naughty daydream. Wonder what she'll say when she remembers where she is!


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