Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - 15 April: A Family Gathering

It's been a while for me but now I'm back.

Every Tuesday a group of awesome writers chose a picture each to inspire and write a 200 word teaser from. Please support by reading and commenting on their work. Excuse a touch of melancholy this week with mine. A Family Gathering. Enjoy


I need not have worried about the weather. For although, along the outward journey, we encountered heavy rain that beat mercilessly against the car windscreen, this had almost cleared by the time we reached the destination.

When we arrived at the designated point, there was no sign of  wet weather. Moreover a hint of blue sky could be detected as one or two clouds parted, and the wind did not blow overly strong as sometimes it could around the Welsh mountainsides. 

Most of the others had arrived; the family did not gather very often. There are not many of us but we all lead such different and busy lives that getting together was often nigh on impossible. So it was nice to see that people had made the effort. 

I saw my Mother sitting, keeping warm in her car. She sat with her arm around my Father, giving him loving looks like I had seen  her do so many times before.  She looked up, smiling. Today had been her idea. 

We all moved toward a certain place. Then, standing together, silently we said our goodbyes while tears were shed.  The ashes were released. My Father drifted peacefully with the wind. 


  1. Naomi, that was the most heart-wrenching, poignant piece I have read in a very long, long time. As I sit here with tears brimming and my heart perched on a silent abyss, I agaonize for your loss. Tho it has been six years since your Father died, it has been six years since my sweet loving Father died too. You have taken me back, in tears and gratitude for the life I shared with such a wonderful man. I am sure your Father and Mother feel nothing but pride for you, dear one. Thank you for sharing your heart. This was beautiful. xo

  2. Oh damn it. I'm crying now. Beautiful and heart wrenching. x

  3. The beauty your words reveal has been aptly read as memorable visit to your your immensely powerful writing world. I visualized each scene with your accurate and realistic visions. This is definitely a different stroke of your pen. I love it.

  4. A beautiful setting and the warmth of family offset the sadness of loss. Tender and genuinely poignant. Thank you, Naomi.

  5. A beautifully written and very emotional tease, Naomi.


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