Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Guest Post ~ 5 November 2014: David Tienter

Today I feel lucky to have David Tienter a talented writer as my guest. He is here to speak about his life and his writing. So welcome, David. 

Thanks Naomi, for giving me the opportunity to speak. It's very kind of you.

For those who don't know me here is my short bio.
Bio:  David is a former U.S. Navy Corpsman who spent time attached to the Marine Corps In Vietnam.  He earned a Bachelor's degree from Northwestern College and a Master's degree from Western Illinois University.
He currently resides in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, with his wife and three dogs.
Apart from writing, David enjoys fishing, bowling, and traveling in a motorhome.  

Now about my writing.

From Chapter 14, Nurse Teddie

There are three main nurses providing care for me here in euphemism land.  The
sign actually says Rocky Mount Rehabilitation Center but it's a nursing home.  Late night-
early morning, my nurse is GIB (Grouch-In-Blue).  She is pear-shaped with gray frazzled hair
and a personality as cold as her hands.   She smells of horehound candies and latex.  

morning, early afternoon, I get Tiny Tears.  Anorexic appearing lady with a pinched-in little
face and her hair wrapped into a tight bun.  She is always in a hurry.  I pick up the odor of
lemons and pine sol.  I like the late afternoon-early evening shift nurse best.  She is pretty,
with long gorgeous brunette hair and her whole attitude is different with a quick smile and
time to schmooze.  She smells of roses and tiny white flower buds.  She appears to care about her appearance, while everyone else wears baggy institutional blues, Teddie, of the
great hair, either has her clothing tailor-made or she buys her blues two sizes too small.   

Her posterior moves with an attention-drawing insouciance that gives real joy to a woman
appreciating aficionado, such as myself.  The half-heels she is wearing, emphasize the
length of her very shapely legs and adds a rolling gait to her movements that is mesmerizing. 
I know one day, those pants will self-destruct from all the inside action and I want to be here
watching when it happens.

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Sounds like a great book David. And you are always welcome here to talk about your writing.

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