Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Me and My Writing

Hi, this is me, Naomi Shaw. Well, it's the writing pseudonym I use for romance and erotica. I've been writing as a hobby for years, and somehow fell into this genre with dreams of getting published about four years ago.

I treat writing as a huge learning curve and have a few WIP's at the moment. I will be putting sneak peaks on this blog on Saturdays. Also, check my website for more excerpts. I write for enjoyment and hope others enjoy my writing. All comments greatly appreciated.

I recently had an inspirational poem included in this book for Ataxia Awareness. My inspiration was Kristy, a sufferer, who had attended school with my daughter, 

Third time’s the charm. The power of three. Ménage a trois. Clearly there is magic in three, as well as in the power of fairytales. From the original fairytale anthology SPELLBOUND come these classic and lesser known tales that take a turn for the kinky with various combinations of three in a bed. Two men, one woman. Two women, one man. Wolves, beasts, mermaid—even a very talented pussycat. Whatever your pleasure, we have a story

I have two stories in this anthology, "The Ugly Duckling's Reunion," and "Beauty's Beast."

My first book, an erotic short

Steven goes to the Goose fair, but he doesn’t expect much from it. Then, he sees Rachel eating a toffee apple. He can’t help but stare, and he’s embarrassed when he realizes she knows he’s doing it! To his delight, she welcomes the attention, and this fair will truly be one to remember as high atop the Ferris wheel, he feels her mouth on him while her hand works between her legs. That’s just the beginning, though, because soon, Rachel will be bent over behind a tent for stranger sex in public like no other!
Disclaimer: This short story contains very graphic descriptions of public sex between strangers. It includes explicit sex descriptions of oral sex, blow job sex, and public sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by erotic romance with explicit sex between consenting adults.

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