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Midweek Tease ~ 17 February 2016: A Weekend Away

Happy Wednesday to one and all!  It's time for the Mid Week Tease! Where an  amazing group of writers gather to tease you, thanks to the wonderful Sandra Bunino. Please follow the link and show some love by reading and commenting on the writer's awesome work. as it means so much to them.  

This week my excerpt is from my WIP A Weekend Away. After a fun filled Friday night, Judy and Linda are waking up slowly on Saturday morning.


Saturday morning brought with it a bright new sun. It's warm, welcoming rays that found their way through the window and dropped onto the pale cheek of Judy. She half opened her eyes, blinked a couple of times as, with a fuzzy mind she realized her situation.

Judy's head was resting on Linda's shoulder, while Linda had a soft, protective arm around her body and had snuggled up to her. Thoughts of the previous night came flooding back to Judy. At first, she couldn't believe that she had behaved in such a way, dropping so many inhibitions, but then, remembering everything and how she had felt sent every modicum of guilt flying out of the window. Being very careful, so as not to wake her sleepy friend, she turned on her back and pulled the white  cover over her naked body. A smile spread across her face as the previous night became clearer.

Linda stirred a little. Murmuring, she moved her head and changed position, and a few strands of hair landed on her cheek and obviously tickled, because even though she was asleep, she moved her arm from around Judy and brushed them away, before turning away and settling again.
Pangs of doubt suddenly crept into Judy's mind. Maybe last night should never have happened. A drunken mistake that should never have happened. And yet, if that was the case, why did she enjoy herself so much and why did she want more?

Unsure what to think, and not wanting to take any chances, Judy turned onto her side, closed her eyes and eventually drifted off into a light sleep.

A little later in the morning, Linda opened her eyes and glanced at the clock on a side table. It was mid morning and they had both slept late. She had the makings of a hangover and rubbed her head. I need coffee, she thought. Glancing over she noticed Judy still had her eyes closed and seemed to be asleep. So very carefully, trying not to disturb Judy, Linda lifted the cover and got out of bed, replacing the cover quietly. She reached over for and donned her pink silk dressing gown, while slipping on some fluffy pink slippers.

Smiling back at Judy, Linda then turned and quietly went downstairs where she put on a pot of coffee and while it was brewing, set a tray of cups, spoons, cream and sugar ready to take back upstairs. She also put two glasses of fresh orange and serviettes.

Judy finally awoke to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It's tendrils floated up the stairs and into the bedroom. Mm, one of the best smells of the morning she thought. She heard footsteps coming up the stairs and sat up, nursing her own hangover, just as Linda, just like a vision bearing gifts, walked into the room carrying the tray of juice and steaming coffee.

Sitting down on the bed, she put the tray on her table. Then she turned to Judy, smiled, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Good Morning Sunshine. I thought you could use a coffee.”

Naomi x


  1. Great job with the domestic. It feels so natural between them, even when it's clear that for at least one of them it's anything but.

    1. Thanks so much Angelica, the comment is much appreciated

  2. Such a sweet morning scene :-)

  3. Ooooh, yes. Linda is definitely a keeper. Great tease, Naomi!

  4. Thanks Nicola, there is a lot to Linda yet to be discovered

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Nice tease! :)

  6. This sounds wonderful! :)

    1. Thanks Ravenna, your comment is much appreciated


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