Saturday, 20 February 2016

My Sexy Saturday ~ 20 February 2016: Our Sexy Mystery

Welcome to a group of amazing authors, who, on Saturdays, post seven words, seven sentences or seven paragraps of a completed work or WIP. Please show these writers some love by reading and leaving a comment on their work. It means so much.

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This week the theme is Our Sexy Mystery, and the snippet I have chosen is seven paragraphs from  my WIP New Beginnings. Here, best friends Josie and Sandra have met up for a drink and a chat. Josie has some life changing news. Enjoy.

Josie put the big brown envelope that she had brought with her, on the table, and retrieved the contents. "I received this in the post today, and couldn't wait to show you."

Sandra picked up the paper and looked at it with interest. She read it thoroughly before replacing it carefully in the big brown envelope. Looking up, her warm brown eyes twinkled as a broad smile lit up her face. "Josie, this is wonderful! Do you know what this means?"

She patted the envelope with her French manicured fingers. "You are finally free of that bastard. It's like you've been reborn and can begin again. You should be jumping up and down with joy."

Josie smiled, although not as broadly as Sandra. "To be perfectly honest I feel a bit strange. I know I couldn't go on living that way, and t's slowly sinking in, but I'm not at the jumping up and down bit yet." Then she laughed and took another large gulp of her wine, draining the glass. Putting the glass back down on the table, she ran a highly manicured would finger around the rim, thoughtfully.

Sandra watched her with interest. Unlike Josie, who had married and soon realized her mistake, Sandra had always remained single. Josie was very special to her, and she had tried to be the best friend she could through Josie's divorce. "What you need, Josie," she said, "Is a break away from here, and I know just the place." She reached into her bag, and unhooked one of the keys from her key ring. She passed it over the table, and placed it in Josie's hand, patting her fingers as she curled them around the key.

Josie opened her hand again, and looked the key curiously, with an element of doubt as to why it was in her hand. "What's this?" She asked, "and what has it to do with me?"

"This, my dear girl, is the spare key to my cabin in the mountains. You know where it is, and must admit it's the ideal place for a getaway. It will be empty for the next few days. I'm busy, I'm not sure if I can get up there. So you will be doing me a kindness in looking after the place as well as getting some total relaxation time. It's exactly what you need. If I can't get there I can easily ask a friend to look in on you, just to check you're okay. Do me a favor babe, just take the key and think about it.”
Naomi x


  1. Oh, can I go? LOL What a great opportunity for her to get away from everything. Great snippet! :)

  2. Thanks Jessica for your lovely comment. The getaway would be great for Josie if she goes. A real turning point

  3. I so need a friend like that - a spare cabin in the mountains - le sigh.

  4. Mmmm, yes, what a wonderful getaway, and a chance for romance!


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