Friday, 15 April 2016

Flash Fiction Friday ~ 15 April 2016: Marjorie

It's Friday again and time for a flash. A Friday Flash. A group of awesome writers have a given picture and write a 100 word piece of flash fiction inspired by the picture. Please follow the
Flash Fiction Friday  link to read and enjoy their work. All comments gratefully received.

She knew he was watching.

Marjorie adjusted to the semi darkness in the room. The only light came from a skylight. She crouched on her knees with arms behind her and wrists bound together with a rope and painfully pulled up high. Her new white shirt strained, pulling across her chest to the point of two buttons flying off into the air and spinning to a halt on the floor.

She tried to sit back, but her ass, confined in a tight skirt, rested uncomfortably on her stiletto heels. Marjorie slowly lifted her eyes and glanced up, whispering her apology.


  1. Curious about what she is apologizing for. Must have been bad!

  2. Maybe I'll extend this story. Thanks for the comment

  3. Great minds think alike, Naomi. I saw a punishment too. Great flash :-)

    1. Thanks Doris. I think we both can see an extension of this story

  4. Holy smokes! This was one hell of a piece! I loved it!

  5. Love this! Def write more on this. So much in such a short piece. Need to know more of her ordeal and what lead up to this. :) Great flash!


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