Thursday, 14 April 2016

Thursday Tasters ~ 14 April 2016: The Inheritance

It's that time of the week again.Time for some Thursday tasters, excerpts from a group of amazing authors' excellent work. So follow the links to all, read and enjoy. A comment is always appreciated too.  This week my taster comes from a WIP The Inheritance. Derek, has escaped a family meal after  texting a friend.

Thursday Tasters

Outside the restaurant Derek leaned on the cold wall and took out his phone again. A beep sounded signifying a return text, and he opened it with a smile.

"Meet me at Malibu club in 40 minutes. The text was short and sweet. He knew the Malibu , in Carson Street on the far side of town but had never visited. A twinge in his groin awoke some feelings that he tried to keep hidden from day to day. Now, he felt happy in releasing the feelings and looked forward to seeing Tony again.

Tony attended the same gym as him, and they had met quite by chance, after a mix up over booking times for a squash court. The two became instant buddies. After going out for a few drinks one night Tony seemed to be the only one Derek could talk to and share inner most feelings. However he couldn't understand why he was feeling all jittery as he pulled his car into the car park of the Malibu, parking it on the far end of the car park out of sight.

Walking into the bar he sensed something different about this particular place. The lights were dimmed, booths with plush velvet furnishings and there were purple swag  velvet curtains at the windows.

There seemed to be a good ambiance,  with happy people sitting in the drinking and chatting, some even kissing. Derek felt completely relaxed among them.

 Behind the bar a huge African man with close cropped hair served drinks. He appeared topless apart from a bondage harness tied around his torso. It sent a strange shiver down Derek, who, as he looked around him, suddenly realized that he was surrounded by men. There were no women!

Ah there you are!” called Tony.

Derek could just about see him through the crowd, and make out his attire in the low lighting. He wore dark jeans and a blue cotton shirt unbuttoned almost to his navel. His dark, curly, chest hair was on show. The soft strands he remembered stroking last time they had met. Then he watched as a young blonde blue eyed man sidled up behind Tony.

Sorry mate, I'm taken," Tony said to the man, who slapped his ass, and tried to steer him away. Then he turned his full attention to Derek who had managed to grab a couple of free bar stools.

What's that all about?” asked Derek, as he perched himself on one bar stool and turned to get drinks.

Oh, just an old friend,” Tony reassured him. “I'm yours tonight. And these drinks are on me.” 


  1. hum Derek doesn't seem to be used to that sort of thing, I wonder if he is going to get jealous.

    1. Time will tell Linda. Thanks for your comment

  2. You know, I remembered the time when you first wrote your m/m piece 4 yrs ago, and I was amazed at your potential. You are very good at it. I hope to see a completion of it soon.

    1. Thanks so much Ray. There's a lot to this story but I hope to finish it soon

  3. I like this story, Naomi. You are delivering the atmosphere of the gay bar with Derek unsuspecting observations a good surprise, very well. I cannot wait to read more..

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Pablo. I'm glad you enjoyed

  4. I liked this too Naomi, it made me want to read on.


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