Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sexy Snippets ~ 17 April 2016: A Cup of Sugar

Welcome again  to another week where a group of excellent authors post Sexy Snippets. Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, and brought to you every Sunday. Please show them  some love. Follow the links, read and leave a comment. It is  appreciated so much. 

Sexy Snippets

Susie wandered into her kitchen and, deciding against coffee, searched out a bottle of white wine from the fridge. She poured herself a larger than usual glass, using up the remainder from it. Hmm, she thought. More wine needed, I'll put it on my shopping list.

Voices could be heard outside and Susie walked over to the front window, glass in hand to see what was going on. Standing just to the side, hoping not to be seen, she looked out and realized the commotion came from next door where there was a lot of activity going on.

A large blue removal van had pulled up outside and two stocky men with short curly hair were yelling istructions to each other, and moving furniture into the house.


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