Thursday, 7 April 2016

Thursday Tasters ~ 7 April 2016: A Weekend Away

I'm back after a break with the Thursday Tasters. A group of excellent authors who each Thursday post a short taster from a completed work or WIP. This week I have another clip from my WIP A Weekend Away.

Back at Linda's after a Friday night out, the two women decide to finish off the night with a brandy nightcap.

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 “Well, hello, sexy lady.”

Judy giggled as she heard Linda's voice behind her and felt a tap on her shoulder. stopped, turning swiftly to see her pouring generous amounts of brandy into two beautiful cut glass glasses.

I was enjoying watching you,” Linda said, putting the bottle on a side table and handing Judy a glass. “I'll keep the bottle here, just in case,.” she winked. She went over to the window and closed the curtains. Then turned, saying, “There. It's just you and me now. Forget the World and what they might think.” She caught hold of Judy and slipped an arm around her waist. “Come on, let's sit by what's left of the fire and relax with our drinks.”

She guided Judy over to the front of a failing fire, where both women attempted to sit down gracefully. In their semi drunken state however, they ended up falling over each other and landed in an ungainly heap. Some of Linda's drink spilled onto Judy, and dribbled down, leaving a trail over one of her breasts until it disappeared inside her dress.

Ooh, that tickles, and it's making my dress damp. I'd better take it off,” Judy exclaimed. “I'm a bit more than tiddly, can you help me hon?”

Music to my ears, thougght Linda. Then replied, “Sure .” She quickly unzipped the back of Judy's dress down to her waist, then told her to lie back and lift her hips so that she could complete the operation.

That done, Linda helped her wriggle out of the dress, and laid it over the sofa, promising to get it cleaned next day. She grabbed a throw from one of the chairs and wrapped it around Judy. “There, are you comfortable now, babe, or do you need anything else? I've just got to get this skirt off. It's so tight, I'm feeling restricted.” She teased it over her hips and shook the skirt down until she could kick it off. Then she slipped her top off and wrapped another throw around herself. The both took large gulps of the brandy and burst into rippling giggles.

Judy smiled, then shivered again. “It's no good, I'm wet through to my bra with that damn rain from earlier. I'm going to have to take it off, sorry. I hope you don't mind, hon, but I seem to be undressing down here tonight.”

Mind? Why should I mind? I just want you to be relaxed and comfortable.”

Drinks forgotten, knocking the throw to the floor, and with her hands at Judy's back, Linda's deft fingers snapped the clasp of her bra open, and with soft fingertips that gently stroked Judy's arms, eased the straps down and the cups away from Judy's pert breasts. As she slowly drew her hands back up, her fingers came into contact with the soft flesh and instantly she worried what her friend would think.

Judy, however, relaxed into her, and even purred a little, so Linda continued. She nuzzled inyo the crook of her neck and shoulder, gently moving Judy's hair out of the way as she administered the softest of butterfly kisses to the side of her neck.

Mm, beautiful.” Judy trembled as she felt herself being gently lain down. “No-one's ever been this gentle with me before.”

You're the one who's beautiful. And I will always be gentle.”


  1. So Linda finally got what she wanted. She worked so hard for it.
    (You called her Lina once at the beginning.)

    1. Thanks for your kind comment Linda, and I'll rectify my error :)

  2. Great taster! The perfect amount of alcohol to make you loopy enough to do something you wouldn't normally try, but sober enough to really enjoy it and remember it.

  3. Thank you so much Angelica for your encouraging comment


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