Friday, 15 July 2016

Flash Fiction Friday ~ 15 July 2016:Coming Home

It's Friday again and time for a flash. A Friday Flash. A group of awesome writers have a given picture and write a 100 word piece of flash fiction inspired by the picture. Please follow the
Flash Fiction Friday  link to read and enjoy their work. All comments gratefully received.

As Fiona sat back in the taxi and looked out of the window as it entered her old home town, that seemed tiny compared to the big city she had been studying in for two years.

"Just here will do nicely thank you, how much do I owe you?" After paying, she stepped out of the vehicle, retrieved her bags and looked around her.

"Fiona!" The sound rang in her ears, as she saw her mother hurrying down the steps from her house. "I'm so pleased you're home." She hugged her daughter. "Come inside, there's someone waiting to see you."


  1. Great flash. Would love to know who's waiting for her

    1. Thanks Julez. I could have told you but 100 words was the limit

  2. Again, you had to leave me hanging there. I have to agree with Julez, who's waiting for Fiona. Good flash.

  3. Awesome Flash Naomi!! I'm glad she is home and I want to know who this mystery stranger is? Her mother seems eager to introduce them.


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