Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 12 July 2016: One Tear

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A myriad of emotions went through Dave, as the door slammed shut behind him and he heard footsteps racing along the corridor. The knots inside his stomach screwed a notch tighter.

“Oh God!

He looked around in despair, at all his work, which had been pushed off the desk and now lay strewn about him on the floor. A plant had been knocked off a cabinet, soil spilled around it, and a mug had been thrown and smashed, lying in pieces, it's contents spilled and staining the wall.


It didn't matter one jot, however. All he cared about was that Katy was gone He sighed, went to the window, his eyes searching everywhere outside for her.

Persistent rain , which beat against the window, made this difficult for Dave. With furrowed brow, he pressed his hands and face up against it, his hot breath making a misty patch on the cool glass.

He saw Katy come out of the building, running, with coat sailing behind in the wind. As she stopped, briefly, and looked up at the window, Dave wondered if he would see her again. One tear mirrored a raindrop, as it rolled down his cheek.


  1. Very romantic, touching. Love it!

  2. A sad piece, but very well-written to where it left me. Good work.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a sad piece. What on earth happened for her to flee like that? Fabulous tease, Naomi :)


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