Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thursday Tasters ~ 24 November 2016: The Inheritance

It's that time of the week again.Time for some Thursday tasters, excerpts from a group of amazing authors' excellent work. You can find the links at Thursday Tasters. A comment is always appreciated too.  This week my taster comes from a WIP The Inheritance.

Frank eased himself down from the train to the platform and looked all around him. There were quite a few people milling around, and he didn’t see anyone at first that he knew. Suddenly he heard a shriek.


The sound of his name rang in Frank's ears as someone charged toward him.

As they neared, Frank recognized a short, dark haired woman of about nineteen, who was Ruth, his younger sister. He stopped, and dropped his bags on the platform, holding his arms out to her, laughing.

She launched at him, however and flung her arms around his body, almost knocking him flying.

Hello Squirt,” Frank laughed as he swung her around. “Still a titch I see.”

And you’re a beanpole,” she retorted. “And a pale one at that!”

Missed me?”

Like a hole in the head! Of course I have, you daft thing.”

Frank looked down at the wedding band on Ruth's third finger. He frowned, realizing she had gone through with the marriage despite his reservations. He remembered receiving a short letter from Ruth, explaining that after her pregnant, Ruth's boyfriend Derek had promised to make things legal and marry Ruth.

Frank didn't trust him, however, and knew this would be the end to all of his sister's plans for the future. He had taken an instant dislike to Derek, the first time he set eyes on him. There was something he reckoned he was keeping from Ruth and therefore someone not to be trusted.


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