Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Midweek Tease ~ 23 November 2016: Night Ride

Welcome to Midweek Tease. A weekly blog hop where amazing authors share a snippet of their work. It may be something completed, or a WIP. Please follow the links to read everyone's offering. And remember, a comment is encouraging to a writer, it means so much. My snippet this week comes from a WIP Night Ride. Enjoy.

 Late again and Madison cursed the fact that her car had gone in for repairs. A meeting at the Lambeth office that Madison had been assured would finish at 6pm, in plenty of time for her to make the return journey acroos London, had overrun. Toward the end of the meeting, Madison had found herself stifling yawns, and hoped that no-one had noticed. Finally it ended and she got up from the uncomfortable chair she had shifted about on. Madison dragged her cream colored Mac on, and not even bothering to do it up properly, she raced out of the building into the cold night air.

The cold did not really bother her though, the main worry was the time, and as she hurried, coat tails flapping behind her, along Streatham High Street and past Brixton Central Library, where she had spent so much time studying. A new moon shone brightly, lighting up the dial on the old clock, and looking up at the time, Madison realized that she had no time to lose if she wanted to get the last tube of the night, affectionately known as the Night Ride.

Finally, she reached Brixton station and her high heels echoed as they clattered down the grey stone steps to where she could see the train just pulling in. Madison heaved a sigh of relief and pulled her coat in tighter, feeling a gust of wind race around her, wishing she'd had the good sense to wear a scarf.


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