Friday, 26 January 2018

Flash Fiction Friday ~ 26 January 2018: Bad Boys

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday. Awesome writers have a given picture to get inspired by, but only one hundred words, no more, no less. I hope you enjoy my take on this picture, please let me know. Then follow the links to show the other writers some love.

Out of sight, in the alley Tina fiddled with Joe's buckle, and undid his belt. She eased his jeans and boxers leaving them crumpled at his ankles, then went down on her haunches. Tina reached up and stroked his flaccid cock. One hand worked the length of the shaft, up and down, smiling as it sprang to life, growing and pulsing against her palm. Tina's other hand massaged his balls, playfully pulling and squeezing until he flinched.

Just before she opened her mouth to accept the hard throbbing cock, Tina looked at Joe, saying, “Wanna see what bad Boys get?”


  1. Ohh Naomi! So hot and enticing!! Just when I thought I'd get the answer to what bad boys get. Bam! Love it! You are doing awesome!


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