Sunday, 28 January 2018

Sexy Snippets ~ 28 January 2018: The Locket

Hi there, I've rejoined Sexy Snippets. Sexy Snippets are seven sentences from a book or WIP, posted on a Sunday. Please follow the links after reading mine to find the other Sexy Snippets. This week my snippet comes from a WIP The Locket. Here we find Sonia alone with Jake, having followed him out of a business meeting.

You're asking me questions that I don't want to answer right now. Anyway, why did you follow me?” Jake looked down at the blond bombshell with full, pink, oh so kissable lips. He was gradually succumbing to temptation as he glanced at her white silk blouse, that gaped slightly and offered up a promise of the smooth pale flesh of her plump brasts. Jake parted his legs a little more, bending one knee, as life sprung to his groin and his cock started throbbing.

Her response was to hold of his navy blue tie with one hand, twisted and almost yanked it from his neck. He ended up so close to her that each hot exhaled breath dropped on her face.


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