Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Midweek Tease ~ 31 January 2018: The Locket

Welcome to Midweek Tease. As always we give a big thank you to Angelica Dawson who organizes the Tease each week.

This week my offering carries on the scene from last week which can be read here. Sorcha meets others she will be working with. Enjoy. Then please click the links to read the other teases. Remember, all comments are gratefully accepted.

“Well don't stand there dawdling. Come inside.” Mrs Madison had a sharp tongue, almost as severe as the long dark sombre dress with high collar that she wore. Sorcha didn't recognize the dialect, but it was nothing like the Irish accent she knew so well.  From the way she waved her arm to show Sorcha the way inside seemed like she was herding cattle.

She gladly stepped inside finding herself directly in the large kitchen, then sat down on the three legged woodenn stool she was offered. She looked around and tried to take in her surroundings.

The kitchen had a stone floor, a huge ceramic sink, with a large window over. and wooden
cupboards were around the walls. A large cooking range was at one wall and copper pots and pans hung up overhead. In the centre of the room stood a large wooden table that looked well worn. One or two maids stood, working in a small scullery at the far end of the kitchen, busy doing washing. They seemed happy in their work, chatting and laughing. A small plump rosy cheeked woman in a white dress and hat, whom Sorcha took in cook, who was preparing vegetables for a meal. Warmth and welcoming aromas from the range filled the air and surrounded surrounded Sorcha.

Mrs Madison seemed in a hurry to get off. She look down at Sorcha saying, “Introduce yourself to everyone here and maybe cook can find you some supper. You'll have to sleep with the other girls tonight, and I'll see you in here at six am sharp to go through your duties.” Without so much as a smile she turned on her heel and disappeared through a door into the main house.

Once the housekeeper had left the room Sorcha looked over to the cook and smiled, introducing herself. In return she got a smile as the cook started to make her a sandwich and pour cup of tea. “Hello Sorcha. Don't you mind Mrs Madison and her temper. She's like that with everyone. I'm Mrs O'Dowd, from your part of this world so it's nice to have a fellow Irish worker here. I expect you are hungry after your long journey” She pushed the plate and cup toward Sorcha. “Here, have these, then the girls will show you to your sleeping quarters.”

The faint Irish lilt was comforting to Sorcha.“Thank you, you are very kind,” she replied as she drew her stool up to the table. “Yes, I am tired, and don't want to be late in the morning.”


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