Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Tantalizing Tuesday ~ 30 January 2018: The First Meeting

Welcome to Tuesday,our time to tantalize and  tease. Awesome writers, bring you 200 word teasers inspired by a self chosen picture. This week, my teaser carries on from last week's scene in my WIP The Locket. Enjoy.

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As the heavy oak door closed, a waft of air disturbed the velvet curtain that shielded Sorcha. She drew her knees up closer, until they touched her chest, breathed in and touched the silver locket that hung around her neck. She held her breath and hoped fervently that she would not be discovered. Her prayers were to no avail, however, as a strong, tanned hand drew back the curtain.

"Well well. What do we have here? Who are you? A thief and a stowaway maybe?"

All colour drained from Sorcha's face and she looked up, a little frightened, into the face of a tall, rather dashing stranger dressed in a naval uniform. She reckoned him to be about thirty and appeared from the markings on his uniform to have an officers rank. Sorcha reconed from his voice he was used to giving orders, although at this moment his blue eyes sparkled and he was doing his utmost not to smile at her.

Sorcha climbed down from the windowseat and handed him the book. "If you please Sir, I'm Sorcha, the new maid. I only wanted to borrow the book for a few minutes, I promise not to do it again."


  1. Oh, I hope she isn't in too much trouble.

    1. Lets hope not. Thanks Angelica. More next week

  2. Lovely tease. I like him already!

  3. Pretty interesting piece here, leaving me curious on what happens afterwards.


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