Thursday, 29 December 2011

Flash Fiction Friday #3 - 30 December 2011

Time for another Flash Fiction Friday. The final one of the year. One hundred words, no more, no less. Inspiration obtained from a picture provided from a member.My offering this week is as follows. Something a little different to my usual.

Winner Takes All

Rita and Gregory took up their positions.

 Rita gave a haughty laugh."Winner takes all.”

“The eyes! Gregory, avoid the eyes,” Lawrence yelled as he watched them arm wrestle.

He felt helpless. Yet even now, could not take his eyes off Gregory’s muscly body bent over the table. The desire to run his hands over the tight ass in blue jeans was unbearable. The hard lump in his own faded jeans was becoming quite prominent.

Rita tightened her grasp. Staring hard she jerked Gregory’s arm, but was too slow.

Lawrence screamed. “Beat her Gregory. Don’t you realise she’s a werewolf!” 


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  1. Love your surprise ending! You set the scene beautifully and quickly. Nicely done!

  2. Werewolf!! good idea! At least she'll be able to beat him!
    Great post

  3. *grins* Let her win. I want to see her shift! Great one, Naomi! ;)

  4. Awesome Naomi. Fun stuff. I love wolves :grins:
    I bet she puts a hurt on his ass.


  5. Nice twist! If she's a werewolf he might as well hang it up. He's not going to win that one. :o)

  6. Love the twist! It was a howling success! (sorry!)

  7. Yes, a werewolf with a taste for hunky men. Whatever those guys are planning, me thinks they better get it done before the moon rises. A cool twist Ms. Naomi, I liked it a lot. I love it when a woman eats her prey.

  8. Nice, she's a wolf girl. She needs to beat him.

  9. Love me a woman who can hold her own.



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