Friday, 10 February 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 10 February

Hello there Flashers
It's Friday again and story time. One picture, one hundred words, no more no less. And several story variations.
Thank you for dropping by to read my take on this picture. Enjoy.
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The Secret

Jenna felt a shooting pain as she fell back on the bed with a thump. Unable to move she heard Peter’s footsteps moving away. The door slammed and the key turned in the lock. She was alone. Jenna blinked, adjusting her sight to the dark room where he had left her. Barely clothed, she shivered, feeling cold and afraid.

If only she had stood up to him, trusted him and told the truth, she might not have found herself in this situation.Straining, Jenna wondered if he was still outside.

“Peter,” she called. “There’s something you need to know …”


  1. Oh wow Naomi, you ran out of words. Well, I don't blame Peter. Gawd, there is nothing worse that asking a woman what's wrong and she says - "Nothing". Duh, who are you kidding?

    Besides, when Peter comes home early - in the middle of the day and she's laying on a rumpled bed and "barely clad", well 'nothing' is not a good answer.

    This is a very intriguing post Ms Naomi, I think you should consider turning it into a shortie story. What happens next?

  2. Very good. I love the tension and the emotion that lingers in the moment before the revelation.

  3. Interesting, and now I want to know what on earth is going on... Write more :)

  4. Great post Naomi, really drew me in and made me care about the characters!

  5. What does he need to know? She should always be honest with her partner. Great FFF!

  6. Damn I love an FFF that leaves me wanting more. I want to know why he locked her in? Why she is in pain? What is the Damn secret.
    This is awesome, a great tease.

  7. Oooh - I wanna know what she was going to tell him now!
    Excellent post honey x

  8. Ohhh!! I wonder what she has hidden and needs to tell him? Def have me wondering. Great post!

  9. I was left dangling on the edge with this one. What the hell did she not tell him? I need to know!

  10. Could he be? Love the feeling of suspense. Great work!


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