Thursday, 2 February 2012

Flash Fiction Friday #8 - 3 February 2012: The Decision

Well here we are again. I love these Flash Fiction Fridays. A chance to get inspired by a picture with 100 words exactly.

The Decision

here you are!” Deke called out to Garth, as he spotted him lying on a bank. “What’s the matter?”

Garth was lying on his back, shirt open, with his chest bare to the sun.

“Come on, tell me,” said Deke, sitting beside him. He trailed two fingers down Garth, but he turned his head away.

Finally, Garth sniffed. “I don’t feel a complete man anymore. And it’s always going to be between us. Maybe we should split.”

Deke started laughing. “Don’t talk silly!” I will always love you, scars and everything.” He kissed Garth’s stomach. “You only lost your appendix!”   

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  1. haha, very good! I was waiting for something very dramatic! Does that mean Garth is shallow and vain?? Lol
    Good post!

  2. Loved this Naomi! Very funny, l wondered what he was going to have missing!

  3. LOL, he's got to be a Diva. That was very cute.

  4. This was silly good fun! Very nice post, Naomi!!

  5. LOL - He's not a bit vain is he? A silly little appendix scar, and he's going to give up on romance?

  6. Self-esteem is such a fragile thing, even something as minor as a small surgical scar can be so dramatic. It may seem silly on the surface, but it can be so true. Nice job Ms. Naomi.

  7. Naomi, as a surgical scar survivor, I do salute I love this. Ego is a fragile thing...something small can really dent it some times...lolol.

  8. LOL! A little scar makes him feel like less of a man. Wow. Deke has his work cut out for him. Great post!

  9. Sounds like he has a Diva on his hands. Love how you handled this sensitively but with humor!

  10. I was wondering why he didn't feel complete and then appendix?! Come on dude, man up! LOL. Good flash. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I would totally have to kick that Diva to the curb. Great job of pulling me in.


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