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Guest Interview with Cassandre Dayne

Today I have the pleasure in inviting the much published Cassandre Dayne to speak about herself and her life. So let's welcome her here.

Well hello there Cassandre, come in out of the cold. It looks like rain. Take a seat while I fix us drinks, what do you fancy?

Hmm Merlot please.

Hang on I’ll open a bottle and bring it over with some glasses.
 See the microphone? The stage is set for you. Speak to your public LOL.
Hang on, press the button – testing 123 and action!

I am Bethany Halle writing as Cassandre Dayne, Dakotah Black and DH Black. I live in the United States – in my forties and I have a background in writing from when I was a kid but sadly real life intervened and ended up taking up a career of managing community associations – for those not in our country they are communities where governing documents rule the land telling you what you can and can’t do from planting flowers to the color or your house. When I was about 4 – I started writing poems. I wrote 18 novels by the time I was 16 and then college and life set in. I started writing seriously again three years ago.
My husband went from this is a hobby to an internship and then he knows how serious I am – too bad it’s not paying the bills yet. The rest of the family does shy away from the erotic part.

Mmm nice wine. And is erotic what you prefer?

I write heavily in erotic because I enjoy reading and I seem to be good at it but getting more into gritty crime and also do a series based on the community association world called Pinked – it’s campy murder mystery.
 I get ideas in my sleep and sometimes after having a glass of wine or so.

Ah, so you may get another idea if I ply you with enough wine. J
Do you have any favourite books?

I was thinking about telling you of favourite books, but there are just too many to name. As for  writers influencing me, well, from Bentley Little to Carl Haissen – I love the wacky ones. J
 I'm enjoying the genre I'm writing with no plans to diverse at the moment. I considered myself a writer the day I put the first thing on paper. I have several favourite characters from my books

 However  I love my Russian vamp in Red Fire Surrender because he has so many layers.

I’ve noticed you have a lot of books out at the moment. I suppose its best to check links and your website for what you’ve done and future works.

Good idea. There you go.

What was your big break?
I had a friend on FB email me asking if I would consider trying Rebel Ink Press. He’d seem my naughty postings and blogs and the rest they say is history.
I have an office in my loft complete with everything including satellite radio and I stay focused because that’s my personality.
And what if you weren’t a writer? Sorry, your glass is empty. More wine to feed the Muse?
Be a veterinarian – animals are so much better than people are.
Do you have any hobbies?
Reading, cooking, gardening – I also play the piano
Another drink? Always  J
I would describe myself as Bold, Opinionated, Wicked, Honest, Caring
What are you writing at present?
Wow – so many things. The sequel to the Pinked Series, the third in the Retribution Collection, about four Dirty Little Lunches and assorted other goodies too.
Are we allowed to see an excerpt?
You bet…
(Hey – why don’t we pick one as we get closer)
Ooops that’s the last of the wine. I think I can find some more if you like.
How about this one. Done. Sounds hot and you have a cover for it already.


Simon Preston loved his life. Between his job as a highly paid architect and his lover, Chad Murphy, things couldn’t be better. And since adopting the precocious little girl who was the love of their life, he was ready to take the next step - marriage. It didn’t matter who the biological father was. Having a child together was their dream. After a grueling day at work Simon decided to surprise his melded family with a home made dinner and a selection of the finest Disney movies available. He also had another surprise in mind. Gay marriages were legalized in the state of New York and even though their relationship wasn’t perfect Simon knew it was time to take the next step. The feast prepared, he waited. And waited.


"By this point it was just past seven thirty. His fingers shaking he fumbled as he dialed and when the damn voice mail came on again he resisted tossing his phone. “Chad, please call me. Now I’m worried.” While he realized his voice was terse, he could imagine all the horrible things in the world having happened. This wasn’t at all like Chad. For a brief second he thought about going inside the store but instead drove slowly toward the exit. Should he go to Chad’s work? Yeah, that would be perfect. He’d be there and Chad and Ashley would think the worst when they got home. No, it was time to go back and wait. He knew Chad would call soon.
As he drove down the streets his heart felt heavy. There was something much too odd about this and he couldn’t put his finger on why he was so bothered but he was. The anger rising he headed back to the house and just didn’t know what to think. Pulling into the driveway he was almost hopeful he’d see Chad’s car but instead an empty space remained. Simon moved into the house, checking the answering machine and then filling his wine glass. The last thing he needed to do was to drink like a fish in case he had to go out and…  And what? Like Chad was going to call and say come here to a club. This was either about some work thing or a surprise and while he remained pissed he knew that Chad wouldn’t do anything intentional to hurt what they had so he calmed his nerves and gulped his wine. And gulped more.
When he’d finished the glass he finally turned on the news to see if there was anything. As the beginning of a cooking show came on indicating it was eight p.m. he was about ready to jump out of his skin. He paced floor and stared at his phone and paced some more. Pouring another glass of wine he mumbled and hissed. “Fuck this shit!”
Half looped, when nine rolled around he was over it. At this point no matter what the excuse he was fucking pissed and going to give Chad a piece of his mind. “What the hell is going on here?” Staring at the television screen nothing registered and while his heart thumped in his chest he wasn’t sure he could feel anything but almost blinding anger. Simon simply wasn’t used to being treated this way. It was time for another glass of wine.
The bottle just about finished he eyed the clock and could barely focus. His hand shaking, he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and prepared himself for the call from the police telling him his entire family had been wiped out. “Why are you doing this to yourself?“ Because your gut instinct is working in overdrive. Too many bad things had happened in his life and he was always prepared for the worst. Unfortunately he knew better than to call the police but God he wanted to. Sadly he realized the only recourse was to wait."

Sounds really good.
Thanks for that and for popping round. Now where’s that wine LOL


  1. Thanks for having me lovely lady - enjoyed being her and oh the wine was fabulous!

  2. I love this interview, I would have been pouring the wine myself. Ladies, we would have knocked off a couple of bottles wine and then we could have danced the night away.

    Naomi, you are a superb hostess, I must find some time to stop by and sample your wares. Hmm, I mean sip from your glass. Oh hell, I mean to be interviewed myself.

    Cass, you are an impressive author and I see you can handle a wine glass with best of them. By the way, are you serious - you had written 18 novels by the time you were 16? Damn, that is scary and impressive as hell at the same time. Wow.

    Ladies, excellent interview. Well done.

  3. Great interview ladies ) Cass, I am in awe of all you have accomplished thus far :) I admire the shit out of you :)

    Think I might go pour a glass of wine, myself.


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