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Guest Interview with Gemma Parkes: 25 April

Today I am lucky enough to have Gemma Parkes drop by.
Come in, come in Gemma. Let me take your coat. Sit yourself down. Now what can I get you to drink?

How about a nice J20, white grape and kiwi please.

There you are honey, straight from the fridge.

Mmm, that’s really nice! 

So, any time you’re ready, there’s the microphone. We’d love to find out about the ‘real’ Gemma.

Well by day l am mild mannered Gemma Parkes. Respectable, (sort of) calm, laid back observer of life. I am based in England. By night l turn into ‘Naughty Gemma’. A writer of explicit tales of sexual adventures!

Hmm, a woman leading a double life! Do go on. When did the second Gemma emerge?

I started writing from a very early age, influenced by the many books I read. These were mainly classics and well-written children’s stories. But l always stretched myself and wrote many things, including poetry, plays and children’s stories.

A woman of many talents.

Luckily I get support from all my family, but the only person who reads my work and knows my pseudonym is my partner. He helps and encourages me 100% and loves reading what I write.

I’m pleased you get encouragement. Some writers don’t.

At the moment I only write Erotica. This is really just because I find it relatively easy to write. It also seems to be a popular genre amongst readers. I used to write these stories purely for my own satisfaction.  I’ve always been interested in human sexuality.
However, I would like to have more success with children’s stories. That way l could be more open about my writing and not feel as though I need to sneak around. Maybe I will return to that genre eventually.

My ideas just pour into my head, seriously.  I am a very sensuous person and l fantasise a lot so l tend to see sensuality and possible story ideas all over the place! I am inspired by real life situations, but also purely imaginative ones. It’s difficult to get them all down in writing as there are never enough hours in the day as I’m sure you know yourself Naomi.

LOL tell me about it!

Do you have any favourite books, and is there a particular author you feel has influenced you.

I love reading the classics, especially Dickens. I am a huge fan of the ‘Harry Potter’ books. I love most well – written stories. I can’t really get into crime though, but l do have a huge respect for anyone who writes in that genre as it seems to be particularly difficult.
Dickens, Jane Austen, and for different reasons, Dr.Seuss have been big influences.

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.” (Dr. Seuss)

Oh I love that saying!

I like to read something and just be blown away by the way a sentence may have been written. I think l am a person who just loves the written word. Sometimes l will read through the dictionary, just to familiarise myself with lesser used words and think about their heritage.
When did you consider yourself ‘a writer’?
I think l have always considered myself a writer, because of writing all the time. But I now consider myself an author, because l am published and my books sell. I am not where l want to be and l still have a lot to learn and improve on. But l am getting there!

Good for you, and with your attitude, you’re bound to get there!

Do you have a favourite character from one of your books?

I am working on a novella at the moment. The main character is a male called Scott who thinks about things too much and does all he can to please the woman in his life. I like him very much and identify with him quite a lot!

Hmm he sounds very interesting.

Have you a recent release, or one due out?

My last release was a short story ‘Master Me, Master You’.

 At the same time I published an anthology of my earlier writing in print form. It’s called ‘Short ‘n Sexy’ and it is very naughty!
Ooh sounds tempting lol.
Also I have two stories in anthology releases, one just out, ‘Back Door Lover’ by Ravenous Romance and one came out April 12th for Cleis press ‘Girl Fever’.
 My included stories are ‘Access all areas’ and ‘Train Whore’ consecutively.

You have been a busy girl.
Can you give appropriate links please.

My work is available to purchase from:
All Romance



Xcite Books

Also Yellow Silk Dreams and, of course, directly from my blog

What was your big break?

With the encouragement of my partner l reached a point where I thought ‘Go for it’. I only started writing/publishing in this genre last May. The acceptances in the anthologies, including a Halloween special ‘Wicked and Wanton all Hallows Eve’ by Naughty Nights Press, have been a massive boost, to be included in work alongside many of the great erotic writers is a huge honour!

Where do you do most of your writing and how do you stay focussed?

I always write directly from my head onto my net book, l don’t think about it first, l just write when the mood takes me. This is always at home away from distractions. I need silence to write. I can be focussed while l have something l need to get out. If l have to do something else (eat, sleep etc) l will stop and return later.

Sounds like you were born to be a writer. J

Do you have any hobbies?

I dance, Latin and ballroom. I would love to be able to paint, but I can’t!

Wow, multi talented. Another drink?

Yes please, l think it might be time to break open the rosé!

You read my mind lol There you go, not too large a glass is it?

How would you describe yourself?

Thoughtful, considerate, passionate, loving, and funny.

I like to think I put others before myself. I know I find humour in most things.

Humour is never a bad thing. I mean, what’s the alternative. Here’s your rose. Bottoms up.
Oh, now that’s something to bring an image to the mind of an erotica writer lol.
What are you writing at present?

My current work in progress is a novella called ‘Pleasing Mia.’ It’s a love story really but there are plenty of sexual encounters along the way! It is the longest work l have written in this genre and is therefore more of a complete story. It’s about a wild girl who attracts the attention of a loving, somewhat intense man. I am still doing the final edits before considering which publisher it would suit. Fingers crossed they like it!

Are we allowed to see an excerpt?

“He began to stroke her hair, giving short little tugs that made her head tilt back and her body shudder, he lifted a handful of it and watched it fall back into place in soft waves cascading down her curved, slender back. A slight scent of almonds wafted up and stimulated his nostrils. Scott loved Mia’s hair, the silky feel of it running through his fingers, the scent so subtle and tantalising and the way her body moved towards him with sensual response every time he touched it. For a moment he was lost in the moment wanting to fall to his knees behind her and kiss the small curve of her back before smoothing the blushing cheeks of her bottom.
But he could sense her deep arousal. This new state of genuine passion that he had built within her was really exciting him. Mia needed this. Mia needed him to take control. With this realisation a new sense of power began surging through him, filling him with burning desire, leaning in he bit her neck, sucking the blood to the surface and causing her to writhe against him, pushing her ass against his cock.”

Future plans are to write another novella and l would like to write more stories for anthology inclusion. It’s much more of the same really!
You can follow me on

Ok, let’s switch the microphone off, and finish this wine off. Seems a shame to leave it lol, You can help me with a scene I’m stuck on. We can find you transport to get home.

Sounds good to me Naomi. I’m glad I dropped by.


  1. Hiya Gemma :) Nice to learn more about you :) I bet we'd have fun together. And whew, steamy excerpt! Good luck with your writing journey <3

  2. Awesome interview. I love learning new things about people I know. Great job Naomi. :)


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