Friday, 3 August 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 3 August: Apologize!

It's Friday again, a time when although a picture can paint a thousand words, the flashers are only allowed one hundred (no more, no less). These Awesome Writers are all allowed the same picture (this week chosen and purchased from bigstock by yours truly) to inspire their piece of flash fiction. Each deserves a read and a comment. So treat yourself and click the link to get to the others. This week mine is entitled Apologize! Enjoy.

“What did you think you were doing?” Rhonda’s cold voice cut the atmosphere in two.

Marc dropped to his knees on the hard, grey stone floor with a thud. He took hold of the black sheer stocking adorning his Mistress’ leg and tentatively lifted his head. With eyes closed, his chin inched up the cool naked flesh of her thigh.

“Mistress, I …”

“Mistress, nothing. Apologize!" She caught hold of a tuft of hair, jerking his head back. “Did I give you permission to touch yourself?”

“Sorry Mistress,” Marc mumbled.

She let go of his hair, demanding, “Lick my pussy!”


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, such commanding authority!! He hasn't a choice and is glad of it!! I bet she hopes he breaks the rules more often, to administer such dire punishment!! Loved it, gurl:) xo

  2. You've really got the measure of this flash fiction deal, haven't you, Naomi? The relationship is captured perfectly here in 100 hot, well-crafted words. Sexy stuff ;)

  3. Nice. What a description. I felt that. So much power in this flash. Well done, Naomi and that last line, hot.

  4. Oh she is powerful. 100 words of power. I don't think she will mind he disobeyed her.

  5. Hope he makes a really good job of it! (blush!) Great post Naomi!

  6. Well that's defintely one way to get what you want! Great FFF!

  7. So demanding, but I think he likes that. ;)

  8. Powerful post! Love that she is so commanding.

  9. Is she in charge or what? Wow, loved it.


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