Friday, 16 November 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 16 November: New Talents

It's Friday and time to flash A time when a group of awesome writers, inspired by a given picture, write a 100 word piece of fiction, no more, no less. I thank you for reading mine, and please click to read the other Flashers versions. As always comments always gratefully received. This week mine is called New Talents. Enjoy

Suzy sat looking at the array of cosmetics that covered the top of her dressing table. Her husband smiled through the reflection of the mirror. “You have got rather a lot on display,” he said as though reading her mind. “They should be put away in a drawer.” After doing his tie, he sat down, giving Suzy a squeeze. “Let me choose your lipstick today.”

 Bending forward, he selected a luscious red. Carefully covering her lips with the dark hue, he laughed and said, “You know, since you've had your hands in plaster; I have acquired some unexpected new talents.”


  1. Love this! Makes me want to know more!

  2. What an interesting twist. I'm curious about the plaster now!

  3. Great flash and I wasn't expecting the ending.

  4. Aw, he's sweet, l'm wondering what else he has to do for her...but trying very hard not to!

  5. Wonderful fantasic love trust and compatibility of a romatic and loving pair loved it so much


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