Friday, 23 November 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 23 November: Blood

Its Friday, so its time once more to see some flash fiction by awesome writers. I love it. A given picture and only one hundred words to write a story inspired by it. Each flasher writes a different one so show some love by reading and commenting. This week my story is called Blood Enjoy.

Moonbeams were the only form of lighting.  Filtering through the skylight, they came to rest upon the naked couple making love. Gary lay on top of Fiona, holding her close. She kicked the covers off and locked both legs tightly around his ass.

She willingly accepted the full length of his cock. With her slick walls clamping his hardness, they moved together as one, building up rhythmic crescendos. Wild sonorous groans accompanied frenzied rolling around the bed. Fiona dug her nails and teeth into him.

Gary cried out, “Baby I’m bleeding.You really need to get that wobbly tooth sorted.” 


  1. Hi Naomy it is so hot erotic and yummy post loved it

  2. Sexy flash, Naomi. I loved the sensual flow here, really beautiful and you left me giggling in the end, wobbly tooth<--it totally is, lol. Fabulous.

  3. Sexy and funny! Wonder why the picture brought out the humour in us? Great post!

  4. Very erotic, then delightfully silly. Sex and humour - what a perfect combination. ;)

  5. Great take on the image was not expecting that ending I loved it

  6. I love the twist at the end of this little yummy story. Very hot and I wonder if Gary finds out now of what she really is. :) Spicy is right!

  7. Yes, I agree - if she's going to bite, then she needs to get her teeth fixed. Poor Gary, if only he knew. Well, I guess when wakes up tomorrow with an aversion to sunlight, he'll figure it out. Nicely done Ms. Naomi.


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