Friday, 9 November 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 9 November: No More Sun

It's Friday and time for a group of awesome writers to show how they get inspired. A given picture and one hundred words, no more, no less is all that's allowed to write a piece of fiction. Please show some love by clicking the link and reading them. Link to Flashers  As always, comments are greatly appreciated. This week mine is called No More Sun. Enjoy.


As always, clouds formed in the sky, hiding the sun. Sonia’s long black hair hung down her slender naked back. Her shorts revealed the flesh of her butt cheeks. She walked along still wearing the high-heeled shoes.

There was no sun for Sonia now. She looked out along the deserted promenade, remembering. No one had heard her scream. She’d scrabbled after the push, tearing her shorts, but to no avail.

Suddenly a bright light shone. This was what she had waited for the past year. Sonia walked past the bollards toward it. Freedom. Sonia was finally able to achieve peace.


  1. Intense, yet beautiful. Very nice depiction of the afterlife. Great Flash

  2. Wow, poignant flash Naomi, nicely written!

  3. Great flash Naomi written with real passion

  4. Awesome flash; nice visual. It left something inspirational.

  5. Freedom most certainly rang through this flash. Each time I read through it pulled on me more. The pain she must have felt, the poor thing, but now she has peace. Beautiful.

  6. Lovely sensual take on a spectacular pic. So much story behind your sexy yet troubling and moving flash.

  7. My heart aches for poor Sonia. Surely she is dying to come out of those booty shorts. Given the chance, I'd gladly rip them off her and set her free for real. I'd give her the freedom to run naked through paradise. Ug, that was what this flash was about, right - freedom of the flesh?

    Naomi, I'm just kidding. Your flash is very good and as someone else commented, it's poignant, but my imagination got locked in on her ass. Muwah!!@


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