Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tantalizing Tuesday - 6 November: Juliet

It's Tuesday and you know what that means. The teasers are out! A group of awesome writers choose themselves a picture and write a 200 word teaser inspired by it to tantalize with. I thank you for visiting mine, which this week is called Juliet. A comment would as always be appreciated. Then please show the other Tantalizing Teasers some love by doing the same. Enjoy.

Nina was bored. She had been waiting for George to join her in sunbathing outside; he had promised not to be long. However, after half an hour lying on a lounger by herself, she was tired of waiting and went back into the house to find him.

She soon discovered him by hearing the murmuring coming from a back room. Typical, she thought. He can’t drag himself away from Juliet. Not even for me.

Silently, she tiptoed inside. He had his back to her and his hands were busy. Juliet was silent, lain on the table in front of him and with expert fingers he fondled her smooth body. His light fingertips tenderly caressed every curve as though there was only George and Juliet in the World at that moment in time.

Nina was not jealous in the slightest. Sat on the floor her arousal and breathing grew heavy. She slipped a hand inside under her bikini bottom, softly stroking her moist folds. Having increasing difficulty trying to keep silent, Nina eventually succumbed to a sigh as she fucked herself with two fingers.
“I know you’re there,” George suddenly said. “I’m glad you’re watching me.”

“She’s your best sculpture yet!” 
Did I tease? J


  1. Great tease Naomi Hot description and really neat ending

  2. so descriptive. always love your endings.

  3. Great post Naomi, loved the twist at the end!

  4. Incredible tease at the end. You had me believing Juliet was another woman. No wonder she was turned on and not jealous. Excellent!

  5. Oooh baby, that was a delcious tease! Now please tell me what happens after that? I'm dying to know. Awesome work Naomi!

  6. Lovely twist! It's funny but I'd rather be doing some thing creative than lie in the sun and I can imagine how important it was for him to join her too.

  7. Lovely work, Naomi. You had me there right up to the end. The story says so much - about obsessive artists and sexual need ;) One of my favourites of yours...


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