Friday, 11 January 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 11 January: Watching

Its Friday and time for a little flash fiction. A given picture and one hundred words only is all that is allowed to come up with a version and the awesome writers do it well. This week mine is called Watching. Enjoy

Jon looked up and slowly took in every part of the woman in black at the open window. Standing partly in shadow he wondered if she knew he was there.  His eyes drank in every curve of her visible body and followed slowly along the edge of her plunging neckline. He moaned quietly, straining forward. However, all he glimpsed was the cleavage of a promising ample bosom, teasing him, making him want much more. Jon desperately wanted to touch the smooth pale flesh.

She leaned further out of the window with the red light over. “See something you fancy honey?”


  1. Ah, window shopping can be so much fun. Especially when you spot something you like and you can actually afford it. Hopefully Jon didn't leave his wallet at home. Well done Naomi.

  2. Excellent flash Naomi, wasn't expecting it to end that way

  3. Great flash Naomi, l didn't expect the ending either!

  4. Great flash Naomi. Sounds like a guy who has been tempted in this scene.


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