Monday, 7 January 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 8 January: A Perfect Ass

Time to be teased. It's Tuesday and that's when the talented authors known as tantalizers write two hundred word teasers inspired by a chosen picture. So pull up a chair and have some fun reading. All comments greatly appreciated. This week my contribution is called A Perfect Ass. Enjoy

“So beautiful,” remarked Tony. “So smooth, rounded, just perfect,” he continued. He took a few steps forward, until he was standing right behind Anne. She was leaning over a chair, posing, wearing only a lacy thong.

 “Do you mind?” With legs either side of her, resting his hands gently on her ass.

“Why should I? I’m getting paid and anyway I like it,” Anne replied. She murmured softly as he moved his hands, tenderly touching the cheeks, sensuously familiarizing himself with their shape. Then as he bent over her, delivering the softest of kisses to the nape of her neck, Anne shivered and a thrill raced down her spine.

The smooth, cool flesh beneath his fingertips was pleasing to the touch and Tony ran his thumbs slowly along her crack. “What an excellent specimen of an ass you have Anne.”

He could not help himself and bent to kiss it. “I could fondle it a lot longer but I had better make a start.” Tony turned and went over to his sculpting tools. “This will be my best work yet.”

“I feel lucky to have met Janice,” said Anne. 

“Ah yes, lovely Janice. My wife, who always chooses my models.”


  1. Ditto, Doris took the words out of my mouth. I've gone all gooey

  2. Wonderful, Love! Very descriptive and sensual. Fine job.

  3. A great tease. A sculptor appreciating a fine model is both a clever and sensual theme. I loved reading the snippet.

  4. That is wonderful.. so soft and alluring. Love it..xx

  5. Great tease Naomi, love the last line and the sculpturing twist! She really does have a perfect ass!

  6. Wow, one of the awesome pieces ever Naomi. Awesome job!

  7. Didn't see that ending. Good tease.

  8. Excellent tease, Naomi!! I liked that his wife picked his models. She must be very secure in her own skin. Lovely!!

  9. A splendidly sculpted teaser, about a splendidly sculpted ass - and its sculptor. Fun and sexy. VERY sexy.

  10. Sensuously written. It was a surprise that Tony was sculpting her ass. Now I know why she was getting paid, to pose.


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