Friday, 22 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 22 March: The Expedition

It's Friday again and time for a flash. Flash fiction of course! A given picture and 100 words only to get inspired. There are some amazing authors who take part in this challenge so click the link and show them some love please.
This week my flasher is called The Expedition Enjoy


The expedition had all been worthwhile. Arising from the swirling purple mists, still with majestic overtones stood the palace of Tuatha de Danann. Finn smiled at his guide saying, “That’s where the Sidhe gained immortality. We have to get nearer.”

Admiring the magnificent bronze architecture he moved closer, taking dozens of photographs and wondering what the strange markings underfoot meant. He was strangely drawn just as his ancestors had been guided to achieve what they so desired. Yet as Finn climbed the steps the castle began disappearing again, drifting further back into the mists to protect its ancient secrets within.


  1. I too would love to find the secrets that the castle held for his ancients. This would be nice to expand into a longer piece.

  2. Very mysterious. Would love to find out more about those secrets.

  3. great setting development! I can feel myself beside him.

  4. Finn needs to be careful, otherwise he may disappear into the mists himself. Naomi,this was a very nice teaser - now tell us more :-)


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