Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 26 March: Laundry

Its Tuesday again, so its time for an awesome group of writers to tantalize, tease and please with a self chosen picture and 200 words only. They write some amazing stories so please show some love. This week my story is called Laundry Enjoy

Standing by the door, which was slightly ajar and peeking through the gap, Emma could just about make out the form of a tall slender man behind the frosted glass curtain. Streams of water trickled down the glass, and as she continued to watch the man shower Emma realized who it was. Daring to open the door a couple of inches more however, she took a sharp intake of breath when the hinge gave a slight squeak.

He stepped out of the shower, onto a mat, still dripping wet. Reaching out for a towel, he passed it across his taut body and mopped the cascading droplets from all over. Then he covered his semi flaccid cock.

“I know you’re there, you may as well come in,” he said suddenly. Once inside the room he beckoned her to come closer. “I’m at a slight disadvantage,” he whispered into her neck while running a finger slowly down from Emma’s throat to her first shirt button. She whipped the towel away with one swift movement and grabbed his ass pressing close against him.

“I came upstairs for the laundry, I need this.”

“Oh I know something much more exciting to do than laundry.” 



  1. Loved it... and I'm hoping he made her forget about the laundry!

  2. Love this. Sure, she just came up to get the towel to do laundry.LOL They both had a motive which I hope they pursue. Love your photo too.

  3. Mmm, so do l! Great teaser Naomi, loved the build up it really drew me in.

  4. I love his confidence and the instant sexual rapport between them. Hot and sexy fun, Naomi.


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