Friday, 29 March 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - 29 March: Thoughts

It's Friday so that means time for a flash again. One hundred words only and a given picture to come up with flash fiction. There is a group of awesome writers who do it so well. So show them some love by clicking the link to read. All comments appreciated. This week my flasher is called Thoughts Enjoy

Tim helped Jean as she scrambled up the mossy bank. “Here, look,” he said waving his arm in front of them. “This is what I wanted you to see. I come here to think.” Laying a groundsheet down between two trees, he helped her to sit.

Tim put his arm around Jean and they sat close, silently in awe of the fast flowing gallons of thundering water that powered their way over rocks to the bottom of the mountain.

“It’s beautiful,” she said suddenly,  her voice barely audible above the waterfall.

Tim kissed her saying “I love you. Marry me.”


  1. Naomi! I loved your descriptions...."groundsheet"? I never heard that term, yet it is perfect! And the "thundering water" imagery of the waterfall. His proposal seems almost a whisper of hearts united by the same power, only it is the power of love. So sweet, so good, so refreshing. I loved it, hun:) xo

  2. Mmmm I love this. I want to know of her reaction after he asked her to marry him. Perfect beautiful private place and a memorable place to start a journey as a couple. Love this!

  3. Aw! My heart is pounding. What a moment you built here. Really beautiful, Naomi.

  4. Ah, that's so sweet and romantic. I wonder if Jean will accept his proposal? Tim's family doesn't like Jean and she doubts his Mother will ever accept her. Tim's family has money and clout. They're one of the oldest and most prestigious families in the UK. She's just a 'commoner'. Besides, it's Scott, Tim's older brother who she really fancies. Oh my, what shall she do?


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