Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer Shout Outs - 5 August: Gemma Parkes

Today is all about the talented and very popular writer Gemma Parkes. She is a great writer.

Here’s her bio.

 Gemma Parkes is a freelance writer from the UK who specializes mainly in Erotic fiction. Her writing covers a variety of sexual genres as she likes to write as the mood takes her. Gemma enjoys the company of funny, intelligent people who love life as much as she does.

Her previous publication credits include:
Train Whore– Cleis Press
Access all Areas, Sex Toy Stories 2 –Ravenous Romance
Patrick’s Pendent, Scarlet –Yellow Silk Dreams
A Voyeuristic lover- Naughty Nights Press
And many more.

Gemma also has a variety of self published work including: ‘Pleasing Mia’, ‘Park ‘n Ride’ and ‘A Wicked Game’

This shout out is information about Gemma’s latest, Dancing for the Boys. She has kindly included an excerpt to tempt you J

Dancing for the Boys info.

Short Blurb:

The idea of dancing privately for a group of young men appeals to college student Andrea Yates. After all, what could happen in a darkened room with a thudding beat and twelve hungry men? When Andrea dons the pink basque she discovers a bravado she never knew she possessed. How far will she go to get her kicks?


Back and forth I walked swaying my hips, running my hands across my body. I tweaked my nipples between thumb and forefinger thrilling myself in the process. It was hot and dark; the music filled the small room. Gradually the beat took over and l almost forgot l had an audience as l danced with abandonment in my semi naked state. The beat pulsated through the floorboards and up into my body filling me with a bravado l never knew l possessed.
I teased the basque down past my toned stomach and leaned forward turning slowly around as l wiggled it to the floor before stepping out of it, one heeled shoe at a time. I stretched out my long legs in exaggerated high kicks first one way then the other stroking my hand up each, stopping short of my crotch. Turning my body away to grin at the DJ, l shimmied my butt causing a fresh ripple of delighted shouts from the men.
Turning back to face them l ran my hands over my breasts, the nipples of which were very excited and now pointed shamelessly towards the drooling faces. I wanted to make sure they all wanted me as I surrendered myself to Joe’s husky tones. The excitement in the room was tangible reflecting back at me from hungry eyes and heated faces. Their encouragement drove me on, this was my show, it was me they wanted.

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