Friday, 22 November 2013

Flash Fiction Friday- 22 November: Amber

It's Friday and time to flash. A group of awesome writers find inspiration from a given picture with one hundred words only. No more, no less. So show them some love, all comments appreciated. This week mine is called Amber enjoy.

With no warning everything went black. Karen shivered in the cold darkness. Even her phone battery had died. She felt helpless.

Karen felt her way around and outside of her room. In the corridor she heard heavy footsteps nearing and just about made out the shape of someone tall. Their eyes seemed an unusual frightening amber hue.

Karen screamed, remembering a nightmare monster with similar eyes.

“Are you okay?” A familiar voice said.

The lights came back on and she started sobbing loudly.“I hate power cuts, I didn't recognise you.”

 He blew out the candle and held her close.


  1. I was getting ready for another thriller and you had me going with the tense build-up. I was grateful for the relief of the lights and a familiar face!! You do great work when pitch something together! Loved it!! :) xo

  2. Agree with the tense build up! But even at the end I was wondering...hmmm wondering if all was indeed safe!

  3. Aww, I too was expecting something else. A great take on this picture :-)

  4. I was afraid it was more than a power outage and she was doomed. It was good to know she was in loving arms.

  5. Great twist with the power failure Naomi loved it


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