Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 5 November:Madeleine

Tuesday is a time for the teasers, an awesome group of writers tantalize you with a 200 word flash inspired by a self chosen picture. So show your love by reading and commenting. This week mine is called Madeleine Enjoy

Madeleine stood watching the night. Her long dark tresses hung loose and a sparkle lit up the melancholy in her eyes and heightened the soft olive complexion of her face. She was a beauty, nobody could doubt that at all.

Madeleine was only twenty, with much to consider, and while she contemplated her future, a random cool breeze drifted in from an open window, stirring the long folds of her cream gown which fluttered against her legs.

Suddenly she felt the whisper of a kiss on the nape of her neck, making goose pimples rise. A shiver of anticipation raced down her spine as she sensed the familiar strains of cologne that filtered through her hair. Madeleine smiled.

A strong arm slid around her waist to the front and another across her chest drawing Madeleine closer to him. She immediately covered his hands with hers, not wanting to let go. Her long lace sleeves stroked his jacket sleeves as she snuggled back against his warmth.

“I thought you didn't want me,” she whispered uncertainly.

Patrick nuzzled into her neck, kissing again. “I love you Madeleine. I'm here and going nowhere. We have a future together. All three of us.”


  1. Oh, Naomi! This is wonderful. I just loved it, and that phrase "All three of us" was particularly poignant.


  2. I agree with Molly! I loved the last line, too. It is so positive and forward-looking, and she so melancholy and uncertain. The use of so few words to convey how great their future will be together as it unfolds before them is so romantic! Well done and so glad you are back with us:) xo

  3. A great return to TTT with your beautiful writing. So many illustrative images are created through the romantic end, "All three of us." Many descriptions are noteworthy such as "A shiver of anticipation raced down her spine as she sensed the familiar strains of cologne that filtered through her hair. "

  4. Beautifully and tenderly described, Naomi - even without the photo I could have pictured Madeleine perfectly. Good to have you back and in such a romantic mood.

  5. That's beautiful and I loved the last line :-)


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