Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 26 November: Watching

It's Tuesday and time to be tantalized. A bunch of awesome writers find themselves a picture to get inspired from and are allowed two hundred words only to write a teaser. Please support them by reading and leaving a comment. This week mine is called Watching. Enjoy


All eyes turned their attention as the woman in a plaid skirt sauntered into the bar. None more so however than the ones belonging to Dan. His gaze continued from behind a newspaper as she headed with posture graceful; confident steps in her high stilettos and hips swaying in a provocative way.

Once perched up on a barstool she placed her order and put her purse down. Shifting sideways slightly she crossed her legs; attractive, long and slender, in a slow, provocative way that almost had Dan's eyes out on stalks.

Tossing the long, glossy locks back, he felt attracted to her blemish free ivory skin; the perfectly shaped eyebrows, sparkling eyes and pink rosebud mouth that she lifted an espresso cup to.

Dan got up holding his paper at the front hoping to cover any obvious arousal. He went over to the bar and once closer felt drawn to the soft pert tits that hid beneath her white halter neck. His eyes finally came to rest on the wide belt that went round her tiny waist.

“The wider belt finishes your outfit perfectly sweetheart.” He kissed her. “ You look so beautiful. I can't wait to get home tonight.”


  1. Beautiful, Naomi! Roleplaying strangers is a tantalying provocative way to add spice and seduction in the form of suggested betrayal to any relationship. So I really enjoyed the plot twist at the end! You are a clever one, aren't you?! :) xo

  2. Great twist! I really loved the way you painted the picture, and titling it "Watching" set the twist up wonderfully. Really nice, Tease!

  3. Excellent Naomi I wasn't expecting that ending at all

  4. Finely polished tease, especially the surprising twist for the ending. I love this description, "provocative way that almost had Dan's eyes out on stalks." Well done.

  5. Oh, the ending was just perfect! :-)

  6. Lucky Dan. Nice to know that she can still grip his attention so completely. Lovely seductive writing leading to a gorgeously romantic ending.


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