Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday - 24 December: From one Valley.

It's Tuesday and Christmas Eve. The awesome Tantalizing Tuesday  writers are here to entertain with a penultimate teaser of 2013. A self chosen picture and 200 words precisely to be inspired. Please show some love by following the link, reading and commenting on all. Today mine is called From one Valley. Enjoy.


Peace reigned in the winter scene where a valley lay now swathed in soft white snow.  All had fallen quiet. Amidst the tall trees that surrounded it, the old church stood steadfast, as it had done through the seasons for centuries. A strength, seemingly to be a friendly fortress that surveyed and protected. Nothing had ever crushed its durable stability.

And now in the silence of nightfall and a cloudless dark velvet sky, a clear backdrop to sparkling crystals and a full moon that  looked over where villagers slept, snuggled in their beds where the only thoughts allowed were mystic dreams that swirled around peaceful minds and closed eyes. An idyllic place to be, oh were there more places like this in the world.

The only sounds were woodland nocturnal creatures as they came out from their resting places, braving the cold chill silently padding around making footsteps in the snow in their quest for food. 

Then, silently as it had arrived, the darkness began to fade. A fresh new dawn brought  the bright shining rebirth of sunrise. Church bells heralded the village inviting them together. Bidding welcome all. Sing Glory to the World. Peace and Goodwill to all men!


  1. Such an atmospheric teaser. Merry Christmas, Naomi :-)

  2. Really well written and full of perfect description for this time of the year. Merry Christmas, Naomi

  3. This was a beautiful description for your picture and the spiit of the season. I loved it. There is a minor typo- in the line he old church stood steadfast,(he should be the)

  4. Beautiful imagery and well written! :)

  5. I am so sorry I am late commenting. I loved the premise and the setting and the sentiment. It was soft and hopeful, traditional and charming. Your imagery was wonderful and perfect against the backdrop of this photo. Wonderful. Hope you had a special Christmas, but I know you were sick. <3 xo

  6. I'm so sorry I missed this at Christmas time, Naomi. Gorgeously written - a beautiful tribute to the season. Remind me to re-read it Christmas Eve 2014 ;)


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