Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tantalizing Tuesday Jingle Bells Blog Hop. 17-20 December: One Christmas Kiss

t's a very special week for Tantalizing Tuesday. The teasers are having a Christmas Blog Hop and there are prizes to be won. So follow the link to see what's on offer when you read and leave a comment on the 200 word teasers.

Kurt stood underneath the mistletoe that hung in their hallway and drew Sara closer to his body. His strong arms lifted her up to a a tiptoe position and with a hand gently tilted her head back.

Sara closed her eyes and felt the warmth of Kurt’s breath fall upon her eyelids. “I love you Kurt,”she whispered.

Moving closer her arms slipped around his waist and embraced Kurt's strength through his shirt.

Kurt bent his head a little and their noses bumped in nervous anticipation as the fist kiss had.

Sara felt whispering fingertips stroke her cheek . She held her breath as shivers thrilled her body, racing through her.  Sara pressed her body against Kurt’s, murmuring as she did.

Kurt’s lips touched Sara’s. Running his fingers through the strands of her hair he released the honeysuckle fragrance on it which drifted up his nose. He traced a line with the tip of his tongue around her lips before plating a kiss on them. “Happy Christmas baby, make a wish,” he said.

“I only have one wish,” she replied.

Kurt smiled. “Sara, you are so beautiful and I don’t need my sight to tell me.”
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Congratulations go to Leann Mitchell on being randomly selected as a winner :)


  1. Amazing! That last line was a blow! Very romantic and well written, Naomi! :)

  2. Lovely, romantic, sensuously written and spellbinding. I loved it, Naomi. Love the honeysuckle reference. Great imaging. Beautifully done, Naomi :) xo

  3. Wonderful tease, Naomi! So beautiful and romantic. Makes me want to heat up some cocoa and snuggle!

  4. Wow so hot and romantic teaser . Really wonderful words " released the honey suckle fragrance on it " what a fantasy you have woven beautiful ! Even our ancient great saint Vatsayan must have appriciated it ! Congrats Naomi have a very nice festive season ahead . Greetings and love Jarnail Singh

  5. The last line completely verified your romantic, detailed descriptions. It surprised me but made me feel even closer to the buildup of their kiss.."whispering fingertips stroke her cheek."- this is a great description.

  6. Oh, so romantic with a sweet twist at the end. Love this, Naomi :-)

  7. Beautiful teaser, loved how you used the senses without us realising until the final twist just how important these were!

  8. Oh my goodness, that last line is a killer. I'm now sniffing. Beautifully told, Naomi :-)

  9. My Grandma was blind. I certainly can identify. Thank you.

  10. Nice twist on an already beautiful tease. Very seasonal in its romantic sentiments. Wishing you a fabulous Christmas, Naomi.


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