Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - 18 February: Touches

It's Tuesday again and time to tease. Awesome writers called the Tantalizing \Tuesday group inspired by  self chosen pictures, write a 200 word teaser for your pleasure. Please encourage each by reading and leaving a comment. It means so much.

This week my teaser is called Touches Enjoy.

Sharon peeled the clothes from her weary body after a long hot busy day. The late summer evening, oppressive in its humidity made her feel hot and sticky, even with every window open. Barely any breeze filtered in.

After a much-needed shower, Sharon came  into the bedroom and laid down on the the bed, . She had not bothered to dress, no one could see in and she still felt too hot anyhow.

Sharon’s head sank into a soft pillow. She closed her eyes and thought about Tony.

Suddenly, Sharon felt strong, masculine hands touched her shoulders that gently manipulation and eased the stresses of the day into nothingness.

She murmured, by the waves shimmering  travelled down her spine and waves of pleasure consumed Sharon’s  body. Expert fingertip strokes coaxed moisture to pool inside her pussy.

“Love you, Tony.”   She strained for his echoing reply.

He spoke no words but she could feel his warm breath fall, resting and making goose pimples rise on the nape of her neck. He continued working his way down her silken flesh, stopping at her perfectly formed butt. Sharon rolled over and reached her arms out to touch  … the memory of Tony


  1. Ah, the haunting memories we have of someone;s familiar touch from a lover in the pasyt. I felt her aching need for him and the way they shared love. If only you hadn't turned the end into that sad twist, I'd be more satisfied that she was happier. Good Tease.

  2. So ethereal and haunting, Naomi. The way you described the heat so added to the atmosphere, and I appreciated the really strong sense of setting. It made his "warm breath" even more profound.

  3. Sadly intense. Nothing better with someone you are in love with than a hot bath, comforting massage and tender embrace so soothe the days cares away.......but doesn't have that awaiting her, now does she? Beautifully written, perfectly crafted for the piece in build-up and execution. Molly said it best..."Profound". Loved it.

  4. Nicely done. I didn't expect the ending to be she was lost in her memories.

  5. Aw, you killed me with that last line. Excellent writing :-)

  6. Why do you do this to me? Where the hell is Tony?? Great build-up and great writing. Enjoyed it, but I still want to know what happened to Tony :-)

  7. Oh, you really caught me off-guard on this one. I was expecting even more out of this. Definitely, a good turn-on, but what a sad ending.

  8. beautifully written yet heartbreaking. Excellent


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